21 Yr Old CEO and Composer Produces Dynamic Classical Soundtrack

LOS ANGELES, CA, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 10/28/2014 – – Woods and Associates Management manages and oversees communication and public relation matters on behalf of RJ Tolson.

21-yr-old RJ Tolson‘s award-winning coming of age, metaphysical & visionary children’s and teen & young adult science fiction & fantasy book, Chaos Chronicles Book 1: Zephyr The West Wind, provided a splendid canvas for a debut album like Tolson’s Zephyr The West Wind Original Book Soundtrack, which reached #29 in Amazon Best Seller ‘Soundtracks’. Tolson exquisitely displayed his mastery of virtual orchestra composition, while the wonderful instrumental textures illuminate the classical music influence.

The soundtrack opens with the vibrant melody of "Zephyr’s Letter" and from the outset RJ Tolson’s unique ability to convey the fantasy, fairy tale & folklore filled world of myths, legends, paranormal creatures and magical realism resonates. Whether it be a plaintive and haunting passage like "The Trial of Adulthood: Barghest’s Theme" and "The Calm Storm" or a remarkably beautiful, heartfelt piece such as "Zephyr’s Travels (TyringTheme)" and "Leon’s Theme" or a light and playful exuberant composition like "Autumn’s Theme" and "Awakening", Tolson captures the mood wonderfully.

Darker, threatening moments within the metaphysical & visionary novel are masterfully presented in the tracks, "Deadly Encounters", "The Mentors" and "Chaos". In essence, the subtlety of the compositions and Tolson’s ability to conjure complex emotions are evident throughout this extraordinary original book soundtrack.

Zephyr The West Wind Original Book Soundtrack is available for purchase at www.Amazon.com and Itunes.Apple.com.

Chaos Chronicles Book 1: Zephyr The West Wind is also available for sale at www.Amazon.com.


Book Parade TV

Richard Wills



SOURCE: Book Parade TV


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