100 PTA Units Now Enrolled in TeenSafe’s Exclusive Fundraiser

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LOS ANGELES, CA, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 12/09/2014 – – TeenSafe, creator of the iPhone, Android and tablet monitoring software for parents, announced today that more than 100 PTA units have signed up for an exclusive fundraising opportunity. TeenSafe supports PTA at all levels, giving parents who sign up through their dedicated registration page a 33 percent lifetime discount on its software. In addition to the discount, TeenSafe donates $10 for every paid subscriber to their school’s PTA unit. TeenSafe has had the honor of educating hundreds of PTA leaders and families across the nation to help keep their children safe in this digital age. Furthermore, TeenSafe is able to offer a solution to help parents protect their children while allowing them freedom to enjoy the benefits of technology.

“We are incredibly excited to announce that 100 PTAs have signed up for our exclusive TeenSafe fundraiser which is designed to give back to our schools across America. Not only does it give families access to the best iPhone, Android and tablet monitoring solution available, it empowers parents to better protect their children, giving them peace of mind while supporting their local PTA unit,” said Ameeta Jain, TeenSafe Co-Founder.

TeenSafe’s monitoring service provides parents access to their children’s incoming, outgoing and deleted text messages, web browsing history, contacts, call logs, and location, as well as all their activity on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Kik. By having an overall picture of their child’s digital world, TeenSafe empowers parents to start conversations and step in when needed to keep their child safe.

“Congratulations to TeenSafe for achieving this remarkable milestone! Since our school started working with TeenSafe earlier this year, and since we have adopted their PTA fundraiser, we’ve had the chance to see how they provide solid support for parents through their resources and helpful tools,” said Deana Rodriguez, Bixby PTA Communications Chair. “We’ve seen firsthand the positive effects that a resource such as TeenSafe.com can have on entire families. It provides parents with another way to take active roles in their child’s digital world. We are very happy to have them supporting our school.”

TeenSafe and National PTA are committed to keeping children safe in the digital world. Determined to help children succeed in an age with the most advanced technology, TeenSafe encourages parents to guide their children with love by monitoring and teaching them as they grow. Parents using TeenSafe can be empowered with the knowledge they need to support and communicate with their children during their adolescent years.

About TeenSafe:

Founded in 2011 and based in Los Angeles, TeenSafe developed the world’s first iPhone monitoring solution that works without modifying your child’s phone, allowing parents to monitor their children’s text messages, location, web browsing history, contacts and call logs. Over 500,000 parents have signed up for TeenSafe since inception and their web-based software solution provides parents easy and secure access to their children’s social interactions via an online TeenSafe account. TeenSafe has created a parental advice blog called Teenology.com which gives tips, guidelines and personal testimonials in order to support and help parents of teens in today’s technology-filled world. For more information about TeenSafe, please visit www.teensafe.com. Like TeenSafe on Facebook.com/teensafe and follow them on twitter.com/TeenSafeCom .


TeenSafe, Inc. / Natasha Nelson / DRIVEN Public Relations

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(951) 719-1040

SOURCE: TeenSafe, Inc.


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