First FDA Approved 12-Lead ECG Device Works Wirelessly with iPads, iPods and iPhones

ELLICOTT CITY, MD, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 03/12/2015 – – Medical Device Depot, Inc. announces the release of the first portable 12-lead interpretative ECG machine available for use with the Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod. The CardioCard Mobile is the first of its kind, giving healthcare practitioners the ability to perform ECG testing by turning a hand-held Apple device into a fully-functioning ECG machine. It is now possible to provide expert ECG analysis to patients both in the doctor’s office and halfway across the world. The CardioCard Mobile is a device that will arm healthcare providers with the means to save more lives by providing more accurate test results on par with hospital-grade ECG machines at an affordable price.

The CardioCard Management System allows for more in-depth ECG analysis and printing of reports at the completion of each test, while EMR connectivity facilitates wireless records management, reducing errors and allowing immediate remote review of the data. A PDF output option ensures a universally compliant format for storing and exchanging ECG data. Gain the combined power of advanced ECG technology with the versatility of superior data management in the ultimate, clinical-grade portable ECG Solution.

For more information on the CardioCard Mobile, contact John Gladstein at 877-646-3300



John Gladstein

Medical Device Depot, Inc.




3230 Bethany Lane

Suite 8

Ellicott City, MD 21042

SOURCE: Medical Device Depot, Inc.


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