G That’s Awesome Brands, Inc. Announces a New Line of Aromatic and Gentle Ce rtified Organic Dog and Pet Shampoos, Each Guaranteed to Remove Skunk and Other Toug h Odors

HENDERSON, NV, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 04/27/2015 – – Just in time for skunk season, G That’s Awesome Brands, Inc., leading marketer and distributor of superior-performing products, today announced its new line of Certified Organic Dog and Pet Shampoos. Both products debuted at Groom Expo West in February and were on sale earlier this month America’s Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa under the “G That’s Awesome” brand name. They can be purchased at www.GThatsAwesome.com.

“These wonderful smelling 100% organic products will remove skunk, manure, and garbage odors effectively, yet they will not dry or irritate animal or human skin. I personally use it as bubble bath,” said G That’s Awesome Brands President, Lori Lachenmeier. “Our shampoo products are mild, gentle and suitable for everyday use. They will always leave your animals coat shiny, healthy and smelling great. If your animal does get sprayed by a skunk or rolls in another animals mess, you will certainly want to have some of our G That’s Awesome Shampoo ready to go,” added Ms. Lachenmeier. “Professional groomers will also love this product, as it works amazingly well, even with animals with dense coats and ultra-coarse hair. It lathers up quickly and washes out with only 1 rinse.”

G That’s Awesome Shampoos are made with 100% organic ingredients and are certified to USDA (human grade) standards. To achieve this certification, an independent inspecting agency must certify that no ingredients are genetically modified organisms, exposed to chemicals or treated with pesticides. G That’s Awesome also packages its products in BPA-Free containers to maintain the integrity of the organic material. G That’s Awesome Certified Organic Shampoos are made in the USA, biodegradable, eco safe and environmentally friendly.

Ms. Lachenmeier stated, “With the addition of our G That’s Awesome Shampoo products, we now have the most compelling and comprehensive line of odor control, odor removal and deodorant products in the pet industry. These Certified Organic Dog and Pet Shampoos fit incredibly well with our Almost Invisible Cat Litter, the 2014 Pet Product News Editor’s Choice Award winner in the Cat Litter Category and Anti-Icky-Poo by MisterMax, the most recommended odor remover by veterinarians.” Almost Invisible Cat Litter, Anti-Icky-Poo and G That’s Awesome Certified Organic Shampoos are sold at www.Anti-Icky-Poo.com and independent pet supplies stores.

“I hope animal rescue groups start using these Awesome Organic Shampoos,” said Eric Grushkin, an animal advocate and charitable cause fundraiser with close ties to the Company. “Many animals are unbelievably filthy and have severe skin irritation when they are initially rescued. Abandoned and stray animals often go into and feed near dumpsters and trash cans, thus getting horribly dirty. They more often than not, also have skin wounds from injuries or insects, such as fleas. Those rescue groups can now safely and effectively clean those rescued animals with G That’s Awesome Certified Organic Pet Shampoos without fear of further skin irritation.”

ABOUT G That’s Awesome Brands, Inc.

G That’s Awesome Brands, Inc. is a private, growth-oriented marketer and distributor of ultra-high quality and superior-performing products with a focus on pet supplies. "G That’s Awesome Brands is interested in expanding the array of products it offers. Our sole requirement is that each product produces unparalleled results, prompting consumers to exclaim, “Gee! That’s Awesome!”

To purchase G That’s Awesome Certified Organic Dog and Pet Shampoos, Almost Invisible Cat Litter or Anti-Icky-Poo, please visit Sales.


Lori Lachenmeier

G That’s Awesome Brands



(661) 702-0201

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